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Media release - Recommendations for creating a more favorable environment for employment in the cross-border area of Montenegro and Albania

Media release - Recommendations for creating a more favorable environment for employment in the cross-border area of Montenegro and Albania

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BSC Bar, in cooperation with the Chamber of Economy of Montenegro and the Investment Development Agency of Albania, implements the project "Skills for sustainable employment and Inclusive Sustainable Employment cross-border region of Albania and Montenegro - Skills for Jobs Albania-Montenegro". The project was financed through the Cross-Border Cooperation Program Montenegro - Albania 2014-2020 within the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA II).

As part of the aforementioned project, a conference was held on the topic of employment and trends in the labor market in the cross-border area of Montenegro and Albania. As a result of the discussion of partners and stakeholders, participants of the conference, the following recommendations were defined, which should be worked on in the future:

1. Create a package of incentive measures to improve the capacity of companies to generate jobs for young people.

2. Shorten administrative procedures, especially those for obtaining permits and licenses and paying taxes, in order to make them cheaper and more time-efficient.

3. Facilitate access to loans for small businesses with limited credit history.

4. Improve the availability of quality non-financial support for small and medium-sized enterprises, including training, consulting, advisory services, marketing services, information, technology development and transfer, as well as encouraging business networking.

5. To make the educational system more sensitive to the needs of the labor market. The above can help support the employability of young people and minimize skills imbalances, and this includes the following measures: 1) expansion of professional counseling services in educational institutions; 2) strengthening incentives for educational institutions to harmonize the offer with the needs of the labor market; 3) strengthening cooperation between educational institutions and employers.

6. Improve the provision of youth employment services through: Funding of youth employment programs (especially internships and subsidies for hiring new workers) and improvement of services intended for employers in order to expand the range of vacancies advertised through the Employment Agency of Montenegro.

7. Encourage partnership between the tourism industry and educational institutions to develop relevant and high-quality training programs that meet the needs of the industry. Develop training programs specifically targeting digital skills for entrepreneurs, including courses on digital marketing, e-commerce and marketing.

8. Promote eco-tourism. The region has a rich natural heritage, including national parks, mountains, and the Adriatic coast. Promoting eco-tourism in the region could attract visitors who are interested in exploring and learning about the natural environment while promoting conservation and sustainable development. This could include the development of nature trails, eco-lodges, and educational programs that highlight the region's biodiversity and natural resources.

9. Improve and further develop cultural tourism: The region also has a diverse cultural heritage, influenced by a mixture of Albanian and Montenegrin traditions. Promoting cultural tourism could attract visitors who are interested in exploring and learning about the history, arts, crafts, music and food of the region. This could include the development of cultural tours, festivals and events that showcase the cultural richness and diversity of the region.

  10. Develop a new tourist package focused on selling cross-border tourism: As a cross-border region, this area offers unique opportunities for visitors to explore and experience two different cultures in one trip. Promoting cross-border tourism could attract visitors who are interested in exploring both Albania and Montenegro, including their shared history, traditions and natural beauty. This could include the development of cross-border travel, events and activities that emphasize the cross-border identity of the region and promote cooperation and integration between the two countries.

In order to face the challenges and work together to eliminate barriers to employment and self-employment of young people and women, a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation was signed as part of the conference between project partners and representatives of competent institutions, the business sector, educational institutions and the media in the field of sustainable employment and inclusive economic growth of the cross-border region of Albania and Montenegro. The memorandum was signed by: the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, the Agency for International Development of Investments of Albania, Go2Albania, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Faculty of Tourism of the Mediterranean University, the Faculty of Business Economics and Law of the Adriatic University, the High School of Economics and Hospitality, ZZZCG, the Union of Young Entrepreneurs, Ltd. Them, Biotrend doo, A&E nekretnine doo, Abordage doo, Art of Biz doo, In-Bar doo, SteVas accountancy doo, NGO Akcelerator entrepreneurship and Primorski portal.

  "This conference contributed to the networking of relevant stakeholders and marked an important step towards creating a favorable environment for employment and sustainable economic growth in the cross-border region of Albania and Montenegro." We are particularly pleased that the partners have committed to continue working together and take concrete steps to implement the recommendations in order to overcome the challenges faced by young people and women in relation to employment. Only with joint efforts can we work to provide opportunities for young people and women and in this way overcome the challenges they face", emphasized the Business Start Center Bar Foundation.

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