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Chamber of Economy of Montenegro

Chamber of Economy of Montenegro

The Chamber of Economy of Montenegro - partner of the project Skills for Jobs Albania – Montenegro
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The Chamber of Economy of Montenegro is an independent, business-oriented, professional, and interest-based organization.

The primary goal of the Chamber of Economy is to represent and promote the interests of its members, i.e., the entire Montenegrin economy. The Chamber of Economy encourages economic activities based on a free and open market, entrepreneurship, and competition, as well as the independence of economic entities and their responsibility for the obligations undertaken in legal transactions. The Chamber of  Economy promotes balanced economic development.

The Chamber of Economy is an institutional partner of the Government of Montenegro, collaborates with the Parliament of Montenegro, state administration bodies, and local self-government. The Chamber of Economy also cooperates with other organizations and institutions in building the economic system, proposing development and current economic policies, and addressing other issues of importance to the economy.

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